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Are you wondering what is all the buzz surrounding Shopify? It is a web application that allows you to create your online store, and its popularity lies in its simplicity. In the last 12 months alone, Shopify has had 218 million buyers from 175 countries. In June 2019, the e-commerce website had a whopping 57 million visitors.

The main idea behind this venture is to allow users, who aren’t much in the way of design and technical skills, to create an online store themselves, without the help of a web developer or a design agency. It also gives users a chance to edit the given design templates, so those familiar with HTML and CSS have enough control to change them as per their wishes.

The selling point of Shopify is its straightforwardness – pick a plan that suits your budget and requirements. Being a hosted solution, users don’t have to worry about web hosting or software installation. Additionally, you can customize your store with the help of apps or using the custom mode.

That being said, is Shopify worth it all? It depends! At the end of the day, Shopify is a tool that might be or not be suitable for you. Let’s dive into the possible strengths and weaknesses of this platform:


Simple to Use

Helpful for beginners and experts alike, Shopify offers comprehensive self-help documentation that facilitates the process of getting started. The main goal of any business owner is to enhance their sales without being bogged down by tedious tasks and advanced technology. Shopify, unlike other e-commerce platforms, has a very clear interface, quick access to tools, and doesn’t require assistance in managing technological tasks.

Security and Speed for Hosting

Various studies show that people will only wait for 4 seconds for a webpage to load before leaving. This gets even more competitive for e-commerce sites! You also need to route your consumer’s credit card through extra layers of security or have to outsource payments to a third-party (PayPal or Google Wallet). Shopify, being an all-in-one-solution, will allow you to turn these e-commerce challenges into strengths of your business.

Discounts and Marketing

Shopify comes with such marketing tools that help in improving SEO rankings, social media sharing, and automating other tasks. While Shopify may not offer the fanciest marketing tools, but they do a good job of showing up your online store at prominent platforms. To lure more customers, they even help in generating discount codes and enhance the reach of your business through content marketing.


No Technical Support

Shopify has an incredible support team that is available to you 24/7 via email, live chat, and phone calls. However, you may not be able to receive direct help from the platform while facing technical issues. In such a situation, you may need to post your query on a forum to receive an answer from a developer. Moreover, the support phone numbers are only listed for the UK, the USA, New Zealand, and Australia.


E-commerce pricing is not only high but complicated as well. Shopify is better than its competitors when it comes to price transparency, but all the advanced features come at a high price. The four elements of pricing include the monthly price, platform transaction fee, credit card fee, and plug-in/add-on fee. If you have a small business and some technical know-how, it is going to be very expensive so better look for some alternatives for Shopify.

Is Shopify the Best Choice to Start an Online Business?

One unavoidable beneficial feature of Shopify is its flexibility – it has the potential to grow with your business! With an average conversion rate of 3.08%, it is indeed a very strong platform where merchants have spent more than $100 million. The platform provides all the tools to the entrepreneurs to build their small or large-scale online stores.

But, all businesses do not work and grow at the same pace and have some distinct needs of their own. Hence, there are high chances that you may find better substitutes for Shopify, especially if you are looking for more features within a limited budget 


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